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ROLEX Air-King 14010M Black Dial

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The Air King is a typical introduction to vintage Rolexes.
The Air King is the oldest surviving pet name (nickname) at Rolex.

During the golden age of aviation in the 1930s, many pilots had a Rolex Oyster watch on their wrist.

The Air King was created as a tribute to the pioneers of that golden age.

It features a 34mm Oyster case, a simple three-handed, non-dated version (with a few exceptions), and a wide range of dial designs.

Ref.14000M (14010M) is a minor change model of the Ref.14000 that was launched in 1990. Ref.14000M(14010M) was sold from 2001 to 2007.

There is little change in the design except that the horizontal hole of the lug was lost and the watermark entered into the windshield. The movement has been changed to Cal.3130.

With Cal.3130, there are two bridges on each side to support the part called the balance (twin Bridge), greater stability and ease of maintenance.

The sapphire glass, the water resistance is excellent, and the weight of the watch is only 100 grams including the bracelet.

The case size and design of the watch can be used by both men and women.

It is recommended as a watch that has a vintage-look but can be used everyday without worrying about it.

The watch comes with an oyster bracelet.

The bracelet has 13 (full) pieces, so it can be worn up to about 19cm around the wrist.


The case has been polished.
The watch would be completely serviced by our watchmaker after your order.
It takes about 4 weeks to complete. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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