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Identity verification documents

Copy any of the following and include or upload it in the box.

  • Driver's license
  • Japanese domestic passport ( * If only the face photo is printed, it will be invalid because the address is not stated)
    • Basic Resident Register Card (A / B type)
    • Alien Registration (Completed) Certificate
    • Various health insurance cards (health insurance, national health insurance, mutual aid insurance, sailor insurance)
    • Various welfare notebooks (persons with physical disabilities)
    • Various pension notebooks (orange)
    • Other identification documents with photos issued by government agencies
    • * Limited to those with a name, address, and date of birth
    • * Limited to those that have not expired or are not invalid

      * A side with your name, address, and date of birth is required, so please copy and send multiple copies depending on your identity verification documents.

      • When Yamato Transport requests collection from our shop to your address

        Identity verification documents and Collation of name / collection address and transfer account We will verify your identity with .

* If the address is different from the content described in the identity verification document, or if the account name is different, we will confirm by identity-only receipt mail .

  • If you ship the product to our shop by yourself

    Based on the antique business law, identity verification will be completed when you receive notification of receipt of documents sent from our shop by personal limited receipt mail.