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Consignment Terms of Use

This agreement applies to all consignment sales services in physical stores operated by Arbitro and websites on the Internet.

It is assumed that the user of this service has agreed to the contents of this agreement at the time of application.

About consignment sales

The customer entrusts the sales business of the product to our shop.

In addition, our shop will perform sales business agency (at the store or on the website) and collect the price.

Consignment product storage

When depositing consignment products, identity verification documents (click for detailed explanation) are required.

Identity verification

Based on the antique business law, we will verify the identity of customers who use the consignment sales service.

Please see here ( Identity Verification Documents ) for a detailed explanation of identity verification.

If you do not have an ID card with your current address, use the following documents as your ID card

By attaching it, it will be accepted as a document to be submitted.

(However, the name and current address are clearly stated and must be within 2 months of issuance.)

・ Utility bills or receipts (electricity, gas, water)

・ Income tax / resident tax receipt, tax payment certificate

・ Receipt of social insurance premiums

・ Documents issued by government offices

Consignment sales for customers under the age of 20

We do not offer consignment sales services for customers under the age of 20.

Items that cannot be stored

The following items cannot be sold on consignment.

  • Credit card, shopping credit, etc. have not been paid and the customer does not own the property.
  • Suspected stolen, counterfeit, or found items.
  • Own works and individual full-order products.
  • Other products that our shop has determined cannot be sold on consignment
  • A large amount of custody at one time. (Up to 2 points can be stored at one time.)
  • or multiple deposits of the same product. (We will not accept more than one of the same model.)

    Items that may not be accepted

    • There is a problem with the operation. (Part or all)
    • Others that may affect the function.
    • Consignment sales are difficult for us.
    • Things that seem difficult to sell.

      How to deliver the product

      • Customers bring their products to our store.
      • Send to our shop using a courier.

        If it is sent, cardboard boxes other than the product will be discarded when it arrives at our shop.

        We shall not be liable for any damages such as damages or malfunctions that occur during the transportation of the product.

        Example) Yamato Transport's Takkyubin comes with compensation of up to 300,000 yen per package.

        If you want to send more than that amount, please use the transportation insurance separately.

        (Please contact each courier company for details.)

        When the product arrives, we will return it because it cannot be sold on consignment if the product is damaged or in poor condition.

        In that case, please note that it will be returned by cash on delivery.

        Before consignment products hit the shelves

        We will start consignment sales of products that basically have no problem in operation.

        Items with operational problems will be sold after overhaul.

        The overhaul fee will be deducted when the transfer is made to the customer after the consignment product is sold.

        * The overhaul fee for products used for consignment sales will be lower than the regular fee.

        We will transfer the difference to your account.

        (* This does not apply to products that have just been overhauled by consignment products.)

        If you cancel the consignment sale after overhaul, we will return it after paying the overhaul fee.

        We will check the operation and status of the product regardless of whether the consignment sale is successful or not.

        About selling price setting

        We will ask you for the suggested selling price when you apply.

        Considering the condition of the products you have received and the market price at that time, if there is a big difference, we will set the price after consultation.

        In addition, consumption tax will be added to this when our shop sells.

        Sales amount by consignment The lower limit of the sales amount excluding tax is 150,000 yen .

        (Basically, we ask that the desired sales amount be 150,000 yen or more.)

        About commission fees

        The commission fee is as follows.

        Sales amount (excluding tax) Fee (%)

        150,000 yen or more and less than 300,000 yen


        300,000 yen or more and less than 500,000 yen


        500,000 yen ~


        The selling price on the Web or in the store is the tax-included display.

        Custody period

        The storage period is 2 months from the day when our store starts selling.

        If it does not sell after 2 months, you can choose from the following.

        • Use the purchase of our shop.
          • Lower the price and continue consignment sales.
            • End consignment sales and return. (Those that have been OH will be returned after payment of the OH price)

              We will contact you after 2 months.

              If you wish to return the item without selling it, we will return it by cash on delivery.

              If you lower the price and apply for consignment sales again, it will be extended for one month.

              The maximum storage period is 3 months in total.

              Cancellation of consignment service

              If you cancel (return) a product that has not been sold after the start of consignment sales, you will be charged 10,000 yen + tax as an exhibition work fee (shooting and web work costs).

              If you cancel within 1 month, we will charge 20,000 yen as a consignment cancellation fee. (except when changed to our purchase)

              Overhauled products will be returned after payment of the overhaul price.

              Conclusion of sales contract

              Ownership will be transferred from the consignor to our company when the sales contract with the purchaser is concluded.

              (However, this does not apply in the following cases.)

              Consignment products will be sold after the 7-day return period (initial defects, etc.) has passed since the purchaser received the product.

              If an initial defect occurs within 7 days, we will return it after receiving the return from the purchaser

              In that case, we will not be able to settle the payment. In addition, the product will be returned by cash on delivery.

              After two months have passed since the consignment sale was not completed, the customer requested to return it after contacting us. If you refuse to receive the item despite

              , it will be considered as a waiver of ownership and the ownership will be transferred to us.

              (The product shall be disposed of by us.)

              Ownership of consignment products

              As mentioned above, the ownership will be transferred to us when the sales contract is concluded.

              We will not accept any returns of the consigned products after the sales contract is concluded.

              About defects during the custody period

              To the extent that our shop keeps it under appropriate management method (no damage or loss)

              If a defect or malfunction occurs or is discovered during the storage period, the product will be returned by cash on delivery.

              In that case, our shop will not be responsible for any defects or abnormalities that occur.

              In the unlikely event of damage due to theft or dropping, we will compensate within the range of our purchase price.

              (However, the following cases are exempt from liability.)

              • Accidents such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, or fires caused by these
              • In case of natural failure or deterioration over time
              • Consignment Defects

                About payment transfer after sales are completed

                After the sale of the product is completed, the transfer procedure will start on the 8th day after the purchaser receives it.

                We do not accept any changes such as holding the transfer, specifying the due date, or changing the transfer method.

                We will transfer the balance of the sales price minus the commission fee to the bank account specified at the time of application.

                (Transfer fee is borne by us)

                Payment can only be made by bank transfer. (You cannot receive the price at the store.)

                (Bank account is only for the bank account in the name of the person in Japan)

                If you keep several items, we will transfer from the one that has been sold.

                About the storage period of your checked items

                If you cannot contact us after 6 months from the date of deposit after contacting us 2 months after deposit

                The ownership shall be deemed to be a waiver of the ownership and the ownership shall be transferred to us. (In that case, we will dispose of it)

                Terms change

                This agreement is subject to change or addition without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

                We shall not be responsible. .