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About overhaul and new finish

Our stance is to have our customers use good products for a long time with peace of mind, but in order to achieve that, the presence of a skilled repair craftsman is indispensable. How exactly the work is done depends largely on the craftsman's thoughts, but the repair craftsmen requested by Albitro are those who are popular and do not cut corners in such parts. We are asking for repair work with confidence.

About overhaul

What is overhaul? It is the work of disassembling the parts into parts, cleaning them, and reassembling them to bring them closer to the performance state when they are new.

The procedure for overhaul is roughly explained as follows:
1. Separate the case and movement
2. Disassemble the movement
3. Check the wear condition of each part and pre-clean
4 Cleaning with a dedicated machine
5. Lubrication / assembly
6. Waterproof inspection (waterproof function is guaranteed)
7. Adjustment / running test

Depending on the movement, it is composed of hundreds of parts, but it is a very precise work of disassembling them into one unit, inspecting all of them, cleaning them, and reassembling them.

If you do not overhaul, the oil will deteriorate like a car, increasing the risk of wear and tear of parts, and it will cause a situation where accuracy is reduced and in severe cases it will not move.

It is very expensive to replace a part after it is found to be damaged, so we recommend overhauling it once every 2-3 years for economical and long-term use.

About new finish (polishing / polishing)

Vintage watches have been used for decades, and even with the stainless steel used in many watches, the parts that originally had sharp corners have become rounded, and the mirror finish should be beautiful, but there are many small scratches. It will be in the state of being.

At Albitro, there are watches that are sold with a new finish based on the idea that they should be purchased in a beautiful condition and used for a long time.

In particular, the gold case dress watch is finished to maximize the goodness of the precious metal case.

You can see that the watches sold by Albitro with a new finish are taken with very high definition, so the edges are standing, and the mirror finish reflects the light. I think you can get it.

Also, some cases and bracelets have a mixture of multiple finishes such as mirror finish and hairline finish, but not many craftsmen can distinguish them and finish them at a high level. ..

Also, the "thinness of the case" is a part that depends very much on the skill of the craftsman. A watch that is thin and has a thin lug will be far from the original design, and the appearance will be unbalanced.

It is a very precise work that eliminates scratches and dents while reducing the thinness of the case to the utmost, and brings it closer to the original finish.

Of course, in some cases, it is better to use the watch as it is, as it is the history of the watch and in the sense that it emphasizes the original condition.

We sell each watch after deciding whether it is best to finish it.