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must de Cartier Tankを着けて撮り比べ - Arbitro
Buyer's Guide

Wear a must de Cartier Tank and compare

Cartier There are many variations of her mast tank, but what is worrisome is the atmosphere and size when worn.

To make it the easiest to understand, I dared to compare the shots with the same clothes.

Even with the same dial design, the impression you get when the color of the strap changes changes dramatically.

As a way to match the strap, I think it is better to match a watch with a luxurious leather such as crocodile to the watch rather than a dress.

In general, brown belts give a slightly casual impression, and black gives a tight impression and can be used in formal occasions.

We have prepared two types of models this time. First of all, from the brown strap.

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How to Use Cartier Watch (カルティエ時計の操作方法・説明書アーカイブ) - Arbitro
How To

How to Use Cartier Watch

What should I do if I'm new to Cartier vintage or not? Many people think that. So I made an archive collection of manuals at that time. I'm going to introduce Santos Galve and Santos Octago...

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SOLD  Cartier Santos Galbee LM - Arbitro

SOLD Cartier Santos Galbee LM

Sold out. thank you. Cartier Santos Galbee LM Automatic Cartier Santos Galbee You purchased her combination. The flow of purchasing after seeing it at the store once the other day and then...

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