SEIKO Lord Marvel 36000 5740-8000


国内で初めてハイビート(36000振動/時)のムーブメントを搭載した、ロードマーベル 36000。



  • 説明

    Brand: SEIKO
    Model: Lord Marvel 36000
    Ref: 5740-8000
    Year: 1973
    Movement: Manual Cal.5740C
    Case:   34.5mm
    Material:  SS
    Strap:  19mm
    Includes:  Leather Strap


    国内で初めてハイビート(36000振動/時)のムーブメントを搭載した、ロードマーベル 36000。

    そんなロードマーベル 36000の中でも絹目ダイアル、アラビア数字のインデックス(全数字とも言われます)はオシャレな印象です。

    LORD MARVEL 36000の下のマークは諏訪工場製を意味しています。



    Lord Marvel was the highest line of Seiko in the 1950s.
    After Grand Seiko launched in 1960, this model was the second highest line the same as King Seiko, Seiko Crown.

    This Lord Marvel 36000 is the first Japanese watch with Hi-BEAT movement.
    It had been made while 1967 to 1976 in Suwa Factory.

    This Arabic numerous dial is rarer than bar index.
    Especially, the applied index is only for an early version, later one is printed index.

    The case is an excellent condition with very slight marks.
    Back case is excellent condition.
    The crystal, dial, hands, and index are in excellent condition.
    Tiny stains can be seen around “LORD MARVEL” print.


    Completely serviced by our watchmaker.
    Comes with 3 months warranty.

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