ROLEX Sea-Dweller 16600




1991年に登場した3代目のシードゥエラー Ref.16600です。この時計は2000年の製造。



Brand: ROLEX
Model: Sea-Dweller
Ref: 16600
Serial: P49xxx
Year: 2000
Movement: Automatic Cal.3135
Case: 40mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Lug Width: 19mm
Water Resistance: 1220m
Includes: Box, Instructions, Tag, Guarantee
Bracelet Length: Oyster Bracelet 93160A(Clasp Code:AB11), 14 Links (~19cm)


1991年に登場し2008年まで生産されたシードゥエラー Ref.16600です。




1998年から夜光塗料がトリチウムからルミノバへ変更されており、この個体もルミノバで6時位置の表記は「SWISS MADE」になっています。


2008年に登場した後継機の現行モデル Ref.116600ではラグ、リューズガード、そしてインデックスが大型化されており、かなり違う印象となっています。




現行モデルのサブマリーナー・デイト Ref.116610LNなどにも搭載されているという点が完成度の高さを示しています。







This is a sea error model, Ref.16600, which was introduced in 1991 and produced until 2008.

The design of this watch has not changed significantly from the previous model (Ref.16660). The Submariner Date Ref.16610 as well as some minor This model has a change.

The big difference between this model and the Submariner Date of the same period is the water resistance (300m to 1220m) and the thickness of the case.

Also, the lack of a cyclopedic lens and the presence of a helium escape valve on the right side of the case are design differences.

The luminescent paint has been changed from tritium to luminova since 1998, and this model is also luminova, and the description at 6 o’clock is “SWISS MADE”.

The bracelet extension is equipped with a lock to prevent its malfunctioning.

Its successor, the current Ref.116600, launched in 2008, has been fitted with lugs, a crown guard and an additional dial. And the indices have been enlarged, giving a very different impression.

The movement is Cal.3135.

It continues to be evaluated as one of the best movements in the watch industry even now that about 30 years have passed since it was announced.

It is a machine with a very high degree of perfection in terms of its ability to maintain its accuracy permanently with regular maintenance and its ease of maintenance.

It is said that the current model of the Submariner Date Ref.116610LN is also equipped with this movement. The dots indicate a high level of perfection.

Although this model is nearly 20 years old, it’s still very practical, so it’s no wonder that people are looking for this 16600 with its slim and sharp design.

Comes with domestic guarantee, box, manual and tags.


±7 seconds per Day.

It comes with 1-year warranty.

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