SEIKO QUARTZ QT 38-7030 Diamond Dust Dial



この時計は1971年から発売されたクオーツ時計の実用ラインで、38系のムーブメントを搭載していることから他のクォーツ時計と区別して38クォーツと呼ばれ、カタログ上では38 QTと記載されていました。








Model Wrist Size: 16.5cm


Brand: SEIKO
Model: 38 QT QUARTZ
Ref: 38-7030
Serial: 2xxxx
Year: 1973
Movement: Quartz
Case: 36mm
Material: SS
Lug Width: 18mm
Includes: Leather Strap (CASSIS GRENOBLE)

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6-month Mechanical Warranty
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In 1969, Seiko launched the world's first quartz watch, the Quartz Astron, and the mainstream of wristwatches began to shift from mechanical to quartz.

This watch was a practical line of quartz watches launched in 1971, and was called 38 Quartz to distinguish it from other quartz watches because it was equipped with a 38 series movement, and was listed as 38 QT in the catalog.

Even though it was a practical line, it was a luxury watch sold at a higher price than the Grand Seiko of the same period, at a time when quartz was very expensive.

The case of this watch is a combination of curved and flat surfaces, which is typical of Seiko, and the dial is Arabic numerals, which is a rare type of Seiko design.

The dial is a cream-colored dial with fine bumps on the surface. The surface of the dial is sandblasted with particles, which shine brightly and can be described as diamond dust .

The hands are thin baton hands, and the second hand is two-toned, with one-quarter white and the rest black.

As an early quartz watch, the part where the battery is inserted is thick, up to 13mm, but it doesn't bother me when I wear it.

The mark at the top of 6 o'clock is a mark that resembles the crystal used in quartz watches, and below it is a mark indicating that the watch was produced at the Suwa factory.

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