Terms of service

About payment

Available payment methods are bank transfer and credit card payment.

Visa / Master / American Express / JCB can be used as a credit card. p>

We use a payment system based on Shopify Payment. p>

Compliant with PCI DSS, which is an international security standard for credit card information protection, and realizes secure transactions. p>

In the case of bank transfer, we will inform you of the transfer destination information by "order confirmation email" sent from our shop after the order is completed. p>

* Excuse me, but please bear the transfer fee. p>

* Please make the transfer within 2 days after confirming your order. Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed within 2 days, the order will be cancelled. p>

* Since the product will be shipped after payment is confirmed, it may not be in time for the desired delivery date. Thank you for your understanding. p>

* If you make a transfer under a name different from the name you ordered, please let us know in the remarks column when ordering. p>

About purchase

As for the reserve, we do not reserve it because it is sold by mail order on the Web. P>

You can check at the store as the final confirmation before purchasing. Even in that case, it cannot be reserved, so your order may be placed and sold out by the time you come to the store.

If you have ordered the wrong item, you can cancel it before the item is shipped. Please contact us from the inquiry form. p>

We will ship as soon as possible after receiving your order, so in some cases you may be asked to cancel after shipping.

Please note that if the order is incorrect, the return shipping fee and transfer fee will be borne by the customer as it is a return for the customer's convenience. p>

Stainless steel bracelet adjustment will be sent after adjustment if you fill in the approximate arm circumference when ordering online. p>

If you purchase at a store, we will make adjustments on the spot before handing it over. p>

* In both cases, it will take some time for the rivet breath and winding breath to be adjusted by a repair craftsman. p>


If you do not receive the email after ordering p>

When you purchase the product, you will receive an "order confirmation email" immediately after ordering. If you do not receive the email, it is possible that your order has not been completed yet. p>

If you do not receive the "Order Confirmation Email" even though your order has been confirmed, please contact us using the inquiry form. p>

Please check again if the registered e-mail address is correct. p>

Depending on the mail software, there is a possibility that the mail from our shop is judged as "junk mail" or "virus mail" and cannot be delivered to the inbox. P>

If the registered e-mail address is the e-mail address of each mobile phone carrier, you may not receive the e-mail due to measures against junk e-mail. p>

To avoid such a situation, we recommend that you register your PC address. If you are using a mobile phone address, please make settings so that you can receive domain emails from " store@arbitro.shop ".