SEIKO CREDOR Prestige Rectangle Pt950

SEIKO Credor Prestige Rectangle Pt950 Platinum is in stock now.

CRSTRUCTTE D'OR ... Crete. It means "golden crest" in French.

Credor is still one of the finest in Seiko's dress line.

Credor is made by skilled craftsmen who do not spare time and effort in every detail.

The watch that bears the name of Credor is mainly a model that uses precious metals such as gold and platinum, and it can be said that it is the very finest line.

This watch is made of Pt950 (platinum).

Platinum is characterized by a calm white color compared to silver and white gold, so it is good that it is not too shiny.

Also, since the original color is white, it does not change color and is a material that can keep white for a long time.

Platinum, which has high purity and little mixture, can be worn by people who are prone to metal allergies.

The stone on the crown is onyx.

The movement is Cal.2 F70 Quartz.

The dial is designed like weaving thin threads alternately.

It's a pretty elaborate design, isn't it? It has more complicated patterns and irregularities than a playable dial, so it looks different when exposed to light.

The index is Applied's Roman index.

When I wear it with an arm circumference of about 16.5 cm, it feels like this size.

The case diameter is 25x33, which is not too big or too small.

The lug width is 20mm, which is rare for watches of this size, so it is good that there are many types when choosing a leather belt.

The price is planned to be 330,000 yen (tax included).