Cartier Santos Galbee and Octagon

Cartier I photographed Santos Garve and Santos Octagon.

From Santos Galve on the upper left to →, 4 to the stainless steel model of Santos Octagon are SM size, and all others are LM size.

Cartier Santos Galbee SM QZ all-stainless steel model.

Cartier complete service completed, movement exchange, dial exchange, crown exchange.

It can be said that the contents are new.

The left is the duo Santos Galve SM. All stainless steel model Santos his Octagon SM.

Both are self-winding.

Santos Octagon LM. The ivory dial on the left is the quartz model, and the white dial on the right is the self-winding model.

Santos Galve 20th Anniversary model. LM size.

Santos Garve with a guilloche carved dial.

If you zoom in, you can see the dial pattern. Designed like a spider web.

It's completely different from a plain type dial. The second hand, short hand and long hand are also different from ordinary models.

You can clearly see the difference between the needles by arranging them side by side.

A combination model with the all-stainless steel model Santos Galve LM. The combination model is a Godron breath type and a standard type.

I think that the Octagon is a size that women can attach even if it is LM size, so you can consider it as a candidate.