our history

How was Albitro born? A brief introduction to the process we have followed so far.


Doppietta Tokyo

Started Doppietta-Tokyo, which handles vintage cameras centered on Leica.

Doppietta-Tokyo is read as Doppietta Tokyo. Doppietta is an Italian word derived from doppio, which means "double", and is a soccer term that means "two points".


Line book w bottom Shimokitazawa

Opened the first real store at the Rainbow Warehouse in Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku.

Opened the first real store (although it is too small to call it a real store) in Shimokitazawa.

A very small space of 1 tsubo (3.3㎡). For the time being, I wanted a place where I could actually see the products, so I can't say luxury.

Looking back, a real store started from here.


Line book w bottom Ikejiri-chopsticks

Opened a store at Rainbow Warehouse in Ikejiri Ohashi, Meguro-ku.

I opened it because it was a space where I could see it for the time being, but since the number of products has gradually increased, I thought that I wanted a wider space, but it is just right for the rainbow warehouse Ikejiri Ohashi. I decided to move there because the size and rent were vacant.

What do you do with the interior at this time? However, if you consult with the president of T-Plaster, which operates a rainbow warehouse, you will be able to make furniture at a low price.

It's a good memory to paint the walls ourselves to raise the cost of the interior as much as possible.

The finish has a vintage feel that matches the atmosphere of the rainbow warehouse.



Opened a store in Yoyogi-Uehara.

I signed a contract for the property around October, but I'm messed up because I want to avoid the cost increase if I don't open it early, but the interior work was done last time as well. Contact the president of T-Plaster who was indebted to me.

I'd like to have construction done next month. .. I approached an unreasonable consultation. At first, it was absolutely strict (obviously ...), but can you please do something about it? I asked for it and forcibly screwed in the construction within the year. (Thank you very much for that section.)

The craftsman's schedule is tight because it will take the end of the year. It usually takes about half a year to complete the process from design to construction in a little over a month.



Opened Arbitro, a select shop focusing on vintage watches.


Make your everyday life twice as fun and cool. This concept hasn't changed from the beginning, and we select only what we think is good.

By connecting with experienced repair craftsmen in each field, it is possible to use vintage watches on a daily basis from the start.

I also want to make a store where you can buy vintage watches online with confidence without having to go to the store from the beginning.



Moved from Yoyogi-Uehara to Hiroo in the same Shibuya Ward.

Until the roadside store was found, it was open on the 9th floor of Hiroo ZERO.



In August 2021, a roadside store was opened on the 1st floor of Hiroo ZERO, 5-1-43 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku.

Facing Meiji-dori, it is about 7 minutes from Hiroo Station and about 10 minutes from Ebisu Station.


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